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High-available, endless scalable cloud-native applications on AWS, Azure or GCP!

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Too many dedicated tools? We connect Tools, APIs, Servers, Web, Slack, IoT and more.

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Holistic and KPI-driven analysis of your current IT landscape to derive an optimal setup.

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We adapt our used technologies to the solution and are not limited by any programming language or framework.

We believe there is a reason for the many programming languages and frameworks. No matter if PHP, Golang, Java or C#. No matter if Vue.js, Svelte or Unity.

We will always advocate for the most optimal tech stack for your solution.

No Bullshit! No Buzzword Bingo! Real talk for real soft- & hardware development that can be used!

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  • Projects (abridged)

    A brief glimpse of our projects.
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  • tonies® Mobile App

    Kicking-off and launching two major Tonies App versions in close collaboration with a fantastic team of managers, developers, artists and quality assurance.
    tonies® Mobile App
  • #codebarn

    Digitalisation from Dev to Ops.
    Our Podcast in collaboration with Frozen Donkey (german only).
    #codebarn - Digitisation from Dev to Ops - Podcast
  • work+life

    Online Portal for the work+life exhibition of the Heidekreis in Lower Saxony.
    work+life - Exhibition Portal
  • Lottigrading

    A trading card grading service by Lotticards
    Lottigrading - Card Grading Service
  • Kleine Krone

    Kleine Krone is a Social Casino. On the platform you can play different Online Slots and experience additional fun and play in supportive games.
    Kleine Krone - Social Casino
  • GitHub

    Our open-source packages on GitHub.
    elipZis - GitHub Profile

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