//A about us

elipZis provides practical Software-Craftmanship for use-cases applied by real users. We work on agile software development with a purpose, objectives and key results with prototypes leading to an immediate advantage for users by making solutions out of ideas.

We make IT happen!

Apps in all shapes & sizes

Ubiquitous Apps on Mobile, Web and Desktop are a must! Cross-platform is our credo in every implementation and compatibility inevitable in our development process.
We can start Mobile-first and transition to the Servers, Web, Slack or onto IoT devices...
and connect any 3rd Party API available.


Cloud agnostic

We provide high-performant, cloud-native server applications in every environment fitting.
Hosted on dedicated hardware, AWS, Azure, GCP or cross-cloud is available. Scalable, Serverless or single-instanced: Solutions are developed and hosted based on their needs, not because "we can".


Ideas = Solutions

Together we analyze your Status Quo and derive the most fitting Software-Solution.
Building target KPIs to evaluate against and iterate with you in vertical and horizontal slices. Always providing visual results to discuss about and iterate on, navigating towards our common goal.

//We Tech

We adapt the used technologies to the required needs and are not limited to any programming language or framework.
But we speak fluent...


PHP, Golang, C#/.net, Java...
TypeScript, JavaScript, HTML5, (S)CSS...
VBA, Office-Add-Ins...



Laravel, Symfony, Fiber, express.js...
Flutter, ionic, React-Native, Unity...
Svelte, Vue.js, Angular...


Tools & More

MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Redis...
Docker, nginx, Node.js...
System Engineering, Jira, Tableau, Power BI...

Projects // Partners

Want to work with us?


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